“The Witch’s Nail is a power tool that adds an amazing layer of wonder to the Swami. Simply wicked!” - Joe "The Mind Shark" Curcillo 

The Witch's Nail

The first double tipped, two color adjustable band writer ever made!​ Designed for mentalists and psychic entertainers. This is the only band writer that allows you to write in two different colored inks at the same time. 

Constructed of high strength stainless steel and hand painted in your choice of three different skin tones!​

Flexible to fit all thumb sizes with easy to replace custom sized leads.​

Oh, and it's magnetic. 

Included PDF manual contains multiple routines from top pros & precise usage instructions! 

(please note: the classic Witch's Nail is a double tipped writer with two colors included in Listo/ Grease lead format)

Normally $60 

Limited Time Price: $48!! 


(select skin tone from dropdown below)

The Witch's Nail

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